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Weekly Racing
Powder Puff Races Top the Car this Saturday, September 24
Springfield Raceway continues weekly racing with Pepsi night at the Races. Ladies this is your night to shine as the Ladies powder puff races will top the card with who knows what will happen. Ruble R  read more

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Start times for the Route 66 Truss Showdown
Start times for the Cash Money Late Model event for today Saturday September 17……. presented by 66 Truss Company … …………TIMES………… Pit Gate:11:30 Grandstands : 2:00 Driver cut off: 2:15 Hot laps if necessary : 2:45 H … read more

Dirt Track Racing Continues Saturday at Springfield Raceway
After a week off Dirt Track Racing continues at Springfield Raceway with the 66 Truss Showdown. Cash Money Late Models top the card with a 44 lap main event paying $1566 to Win & $466 to start. All Trailer Services Usra B Mods presented by Joplin Mold Inspection will pay $1,066 to Win & $200 … read more

USRA Nationals Profiles Needed
Racers, if you are attending the 9th Annual Summit USRA Nationals at the Lucas Oil Speedway this October, the announcing team would like your assistance. With every night and every race being streamed live and broadcast nationally, we would like to have a profile sheet for every driver. Please follow the link below to give us your information for the e … read more

KTTS Ozarks Area Dirt Track Championships Information
The KTTS Ozarks Area Dirt Track Championship Trophies are Ready for delivery. KTTS OZARKS Ozarks Area Dirt Track Championships Information SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 4 Classes on the card for the Labor Day Weekend event… # ALL TRAILER SERVICES B Mods # INDIGO SKY CASINO MW Modzs # HAYDEN MACHIN … read more

USRA Stock Cars added to KTTS Ozark Area Dirt Track Championships
After a successful debut on Aug. 13, the Medieval USRA Stock Cars will be back at Jerry Hoffman's quick quarter-mile Springfield Raceway in Springfield, Mo., for the KTTS Ozark Area Dirt Track Championships on Sunday, Sept. 4. The exciting and rapidly growing full-fendered division will compe … read more
DIRTcar Summer Nationals Late Models Springfield Raceway July 23, 2020 | HIGHLIGHTS
DIRTcar Summer Nationals Late Models Feature Event Highlights from Springfield Raceway in Springfield, Missouri on July 23rd, 2020.… watch video

Cayden Stacye In-Car Camera
Your source for in-car camera Dirt Track Racing videos and more out car footage of dirt slinging action. Please visit speedwaycarcams.com for more dirt track race in-car camera videos.… watch video

How American Racer tires are made
You know those round, rubber things on your car that make you go around? Well, have you ever seen a green tire before? Watch the video and see the incredible transformation of an American Racer racing tire during the curing process to give the tire its final shape!… watch video

Photo Gallery: August 13 Winners