March Madness postponed

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March 17, 2020

Springfield Raceway will be postponing the Marchmadness Event scheduled this weekend due to weather & recommendations by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to combat the spread of the COVID-19 virus. A updated Springfield Raceway schedule will be out at a later date.

Springfield Raceway owner Jerry Hoffman stated “At this time the entire world is living with a lot of unknowns. Who really knows how bad the situation is? Did the news media,social media, city slicker weak minded folks & crooked politics make the matter at hand way worse? Could of society handled it themselves without the Government, State & Local Officials stepping in? Right now we all have to deal with the hand being dealt to us .Some say this is like a movie they watched years ago & never ever in a million years thought they would live through something like this. We all will be affected in troubling ways, some financially & some mentally.The Preacher Man last Sunday at Church said “we need to really think of others right now & lend a hand to the elderly & the less fortunate.”

I myself will tell you don’t be afraid to ask for help & find someone to talk to if you need to talk & if someone talks with us we need to be sure & listen……..

Well I could go on & on &piss folks off rattle my head with negativity & debate for hours but one thing to say is that we ALL need to pray for each other & especially pray for our President Donald J. Trump & the others that are having to make the decisions to try to help control this issue.”

On a side note….

If you get a chance to ask that ol boy about those 2 full shopping carts of toilet paper he bought last week well well well wouldn’t u really wanna ask em Y….?....

I guess he is plannin on having serious septic issues…

Best wishes to EVERYONE…
Go ahead & …...drop tha J bar…..
We will c u at a dirt track soon…..”