Thompson holds back Bowers, becomes third different IMCA Modified winner at Springfield

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April 27, 2019  |  by Ronnie Williams

Springfield's James Thompson took the early and then held back IMCA Jet Racing Central Region points leader Stephen Bowers, Bobby Pearish and Bad Boy Mowers track points leader Jody Tillman in becoming the third different in three events Saturday night at the "Quick-Quarter" of the Springfield Raceway.

Thompson, who started fourth on the grid, quickly went top side to open a large lead early in the caution free 20 lap feature as Pearish moved to the extreme high-side in giving chase as Bowers was slicing his way to the front while battling with Tillman as the duo kept exchanging spots each lap.

Thompson was using these tight races to pull away, but Pearish started to reel-in the race leader just past the halfway point while Bowers was using every inch and every lane of the smooth, slick surface in gaining ground.

On lap 15, Bowers caught Pearish and the duo kept the crowd at a high interest as they gained on Thompson quickly. On lap 18, Bowers made a huge run on Pearish and made the slide job stick to grab second place while Tillman, who was pulling double-duty in another class was coming strong.

Up front, Thompson was making sure he hit his marks as Bowers was running out of time in the quick-paced feature.

Thompson rode his Hayden Machinery Equipment to the win with a fast-closing Bowers, Pearish, Tillman and young Shawn Duncan topping out the top five after a hard three-car battle for the spot.

Bad Boy Mowers IMCA Modified action continues Saturday, May 4. For more information visit and like the Facebook page or visit the website at SpringfieldRaceway.com.


Heat 1: 1. 85-Jody Tillman, [4]; 2. 77-Steven Bowers Jr, [5]; 3. 26P-Bobby Pearish, [3]; 4. 5W-Derek Watson, [2]; 5. 11-Phil Harris, [1].

Heat 2: 1. 11T-James Thompson, [2]; 2. D7-Shawn Duncan, [1]; 3. 49S-Andrew Smith, [3]; 4. 101-Wesley Smith, [4].

Feature: 1. 11T-James Thompson, [4]; 2. 77-Steven Bowers Jr, [9]; 3. 26P-Bobby Pearish, [5]; 4. 85-Jody Tillman, [7]; 5. D7-Shawn Duncan, [2]; 6. 101-Wesley Smith, [8]; 7. 49S-Andrew Smith, [6]; 8. 5W-Derek Watson, [3]; 9. 11-Phil Harris, [1].