Springfield honors Don Haase at April 6 opener

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April 4, 2019

As we get older, time seems to move a little faster but we don’t realize how it slips away. In age we think about time in a different way. We look back and see how fast time passed. Time seems a little more valuable as time keeps ticking. Each of us get a little bit older and time keeps spinning.

We all will have a family member pass away or lose a loved one close to us and might even lose an old friend that we had a special bond with. So as that time keeps spinning, cherish each moment and don't let time get away. It's time...

Each year we kick off our racing season at Springfield Raceway by honoring our friend Don Haase (Oct. 1, 1962 - April 8, 2008). Don passed young at the age of of 46. Springfield Raceway track owner Jerry Hoffman and Don had previously worked together back in the mid '90s. Don was the type of guy who could fix anything, he was one heck of a mechanic. He loved all sports and just being outside doing something was his way of enjoying life.

When the Springfield Raceway was purchased back in 2007, a tech man was needed. Jerry thought Don would be perfect for the job. Don was the tech man for one year and early the next year Don called Jerry at the shop and wanted to talk to him in person. A few hours later, Don showed up and with a big lump in his throat he said he didn't want to tech anymore, he wanted to do something that he has been wanting to do since he was a kid. He wanted to be the flagman. Jerry told Don 'No problem, its all yours.'

Sadly, Don passed away due to diabetes complications and didn't get to drop the green flag that 2008 season. A lifelong dream was ready to come true but time got him and life was cut short. So each year when time gets here to start the racing season at Springfield Raceway, Don's children Lyndsay, Christopher and Taylor will release balloons as they climb the flagstand and drop the green flag in honor of their Dad to start the first heat race of the Springfield Raceway season as we listen to the song Drift Away by Dobie Gray.

Live. Love. Laugh. Believe... We just never know what tomorrow may or may not bring.