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Tribute to Granny this Saturday

August 8, 2019

This Saturday August 10 as our weekly racing continues in all classes it will be time....time....yes ....it will be time again to honor The Greatest Race Fan a Race Track could have .....Wanda Jeffries was born 4/16/23 in Springfield Missouri ... Her & Husband of 45 years had one Child, Pam......Granny had a Huge Love for Racing...Pams husband Larry Tindle was a Race Car Driver so a great combination of Family & a Love for Racing was born.....Granny would go with Pam & Larry all over the area so she could watch her sweet little Larry Race...if Larry didn't Race Granny would still go to Springfield Raceway to watch the Races....When Doug & I bought the Track 11 years ago Granny had been to EVERY Race we had.....Doug & I gave Granny a SEASON pass the last year she attended the Races at Springfield Raceway..Never missing until she became ill....Pam told me Granny treasured that Season Pass like a piece of Gold & thought it was one of the nicest gestures she had been given... 7/31/11 Granny passed on & Pam layed her SEASON PASS that Doug & I had given Granny in her casket beside her as they laid her to rest.I can't say I actually new Granny that well...Usually just a hi ... Granny , thanks for coming tonight..or a ...keep cool Granny....or did you like the races....I never tasted her sweet tea, never a chocolate chip cookie or that special Fried Chicken that only a Grandma can make but Granny told Larry I was a Good Man & I was very very hard worker...& ....put up with a lot of unknowns owning the racetrack...That meant a lot to me.... Saturday we will Open the Night off at Springfield Raceway by listening to Grannys Favorite song....Go rest high on that mountain by Vince Gill....All cars will be on the track 3 wide for the playing of the National Anthem with Pam & Larry carrying the Flag.... Granny will be up in Heaven with the Best Seat in the House....  Jerry Hoffman