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Free general admission for truck drivers this Saturday at Springfield

June 5, 2023



Saturday June 10 
O’reilly Auto Parts ,Four State Trucks, Petro Truck Stop,TLG-Peterbilt, MCH Kenworth of Joplin Missouri & All Trailer Services of Springfield Missouri brings Trucker Appreciation Night  to the Springfield Raceway with FREE GENERAL ADMISSION TO ALL TRUCKERS With a CLASS A CDL…
Roll on …

“Truckers are what keeps this world moving.Moving freight from state to state with black smoke a rollin. Having a night to show appreciation to all the Truckers across the USA with a FREE night of entertainment & tie it in with a memory of my Dad is really something special,” stated Springfield Raceway  owner Jerry Hoffman.

   My Grandpa & Dad were both Independent Owner Operators pulling Hopper Bottoms buying & selling  grain across the country their entire life.” Grandpa had gas straight trucks years ago & his first diesel truck was a Red 1956 Diamond T. Grandpa bought that truck off of Gene Fleming Diamond T in Salina Kansas . Grandpa headed back to Gene Fleming in 1966 buying another new Diamond T. The 1966 was the first model with a fiberglass hood . Dad drove the 66 for about a year & then bought er from my Grandpa …
My Dads first Truck cost em around $24,000 a new 1974 Peterbilt bought at Sioux City Peterbilt in Sioux City Iowa.

My Grandpa & Dad probably had 20 or so different trucks through tha years & they wasn’t always new but I’ll tell ya one thing they both took very good care of their equipment keeping it clean & very well maintained….
Dad always told me “ You don’t always need new equipment, this old stuff he had just needed worked on a little more but it’ll still get the job done.”

Dad never got rid of his pride & joy … He had stripped his ol 1952 Kenworth down to tha frame & was putting it back together & almost had er all done before he passed May 30 , 2022…
Larry  D.  Hoffman
5/24/48 - 5/30/22 r.i.p.
Love ya Dad….

This Saturday June 10 ALL classes will have some added money in memory of the Springfield Raceway owner Jerry Hoffman’s Dad, Larry Hoffman who recently passed away  May 30, 2022. Dad Loved Trucks & Dad Loved Racing.

Thanks goes out to Bryan Martin of Four State Trucks & Roger Bartlett General Manager of the TLG-Peterbilt of Joplin.

Bryan Martin said “ He can’t count the times Larry was in the store looking around & the world really lost a true ol school trucker.” Roger Bartlett said “ The world lost a good man & I will forever remember Larry & he will always have a special place in my  heart.


Race Fans will be treated to 
7 Classes of Dirt Cars & a 
All Metals Recycling 44 Lap 
BOMBr/Enduro Race….

All trailer Services POWRi B Mods
Indigo Sky Casino POWRI MW Modzs A  Wheeler Metals Legends
Hayden Machinery MW POWRi Modzs B Pepsi Pure Stock
66 Truss Company USRA Stock Cars
Guffey Services Heating & Air
Fwd Mini Stock 
All Metals Recycling BOMBRs Enduro

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PRICES: 6/10/23
Adult - $18
Seniors/Military $16
Kids 6- Seniors in High School $3
Kids 5 & Under Free
Pit- 3:30
Grandstands- 5:30
Driver Cut off - 6:00
Hot Laps - 6:30
Racing - 7:00

The O'Reilly Story

O'Reilly Automotive, Inc. officially started in the auto parts business in Springfield, Missouri, in November of 1957. However, its historical background in the automotive business, as well as the family's quest for opportunity and advancement, may be traced back to a much earlier time.

Michael Byrne O'Reilly immigrated to America in 1849, escaping from the hard times of the potato famine, which struck Ireland in 1845-46. Settling in St. Louis, he worked his way through school to earn a law degree, and then pursued a career as a title examiner. His son, Charles Francis O'Reilly, attended college in St. Louis and went to work in 1914 as a traveling salesman for Fred Campbell Auto Supply in St. Louis. By 1924, Charles had become familiar with the Springfield area, having traveled by train to sell auto parts throughout the territory. He recognized the region as an area of growth and opportunity and asked to be transferred there. By 1932, he had become manager of Link Motor Supply in Springfield. One of his sons, Charles H. (Chub) O'Reilly, had also joined the company. Together they provided the leadership and management that made Link the predominant auto parts store in the area.

In 1957, Link planned a reorganization, which would have included the retirement of 72-year-old Charles F. O'Reilly, and the transfer of C. H. O'Reilly to Kansas City. Since neither agreed with these plans, they made the decision to form their own company, O'Reilly Automotive, Inc. They opened for business on December 2, 1957 with one store and 13 employees at 403 Sherman in Springfield. Their sales totaled $700,000 in 1958, their first full year of business. Due to the hard work and ability of the original employees, several of whom were stockholders in the company, the business grew and prospered from its very first year.

By 1961, the company's volume had reached $1.3 million – the combined volume of O'Reilly Automotive Distributors, a division formed to serve independent automotive jobbers in the area. In March of 1975, annual sales volume rose to $7 million, and a 52,000-square-foot facility at 233 S. Patterson was built for the O'Reilly/Ozark warehouse operation. By that time, the company had nine stores, all located in southwest Missouri.

The long range plans and stability of the company were solidified by a public offering of company stock in April 1993. Since that time, the Company has grown through the opening of new stores, as well as through numerous mergers and acquisitions, and currently operates stores in 48 states, including Alaska and Hawaii. 

Throughout this time the underlying spirit and philosophy of O'Reilly Automotive, Inc., has been one of growth and progress, both for the company and its team members. This remains the policy to which the company is dedicated today.