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2023 Mini Stock/FWD Rules

Posted January 26, 2023

6500 chip, no racing shocks, stock street tires (MIni Stock)

Cars: American or foreign made rear wheel drive, with original wheel base. Sedan and station wagons ok. Must have full stock floor boards and firewalls in stock position. Must have firewall between drivers compartment and fuel cell. All holes must be patched. Bodies must be stock steel oem for make and model of the car. May have steel sheetmetal replacement doors, fenders, and quarter panels but must match and look like oem body lines. Spoilers are allowed with a maximum height of 5 inchs and no wider than rear deck lid.

Roll Cage: Minimum diameter 11/2 inch with .095 inch thickness. Must have a minimum of a 4 point cage with a x brace behind driver, cross bar in top of halo, 3 or more door bars on drivers side and 2 or more on right side. Cage must be attached to frame and body in a safe and reinforced manner. Must have protection around fuel cell.

Bumpers: Stock or Fabricated, must have no sharp ends and capped. Bumpers may not extend past center of wheels. Aftermarket bumper covers are allowed.

Suspension: Front and rear suspension must be stock and in stock location for car being used. No coil overs, pull bars, weight jack bolts, or adjustable spring spacers. Springs and shocks must be in stock location. Must run stock lower rear trailing arms.

Fuel Cells: Fuel Cells are required and must be mounted between rear frame rails. Must have two or more straps around cell, 2” wide X 1/8” thick. Must have protection around cell.

Wheels and Tires: Mandatory 8”wide by 15“diameter wheels. May run a beadlock on right rear only. American Racer G60 KK704 is the mandatory tire for the class. Grooving and siping allowed.

Ignition: Must use Stock Ignition

Engine: Four cylinder in line engines only. Maximum 2.5 liter. No after market heads or blocks, must be stock, ford to ford, gm to gm, etc. May run a aftermarket intake manifold. Must run a gauge legal Holley 4412 unaltered 500 two barrel. Must have choke horn, may remove choke plate. No other modifications allowed.

Drivetrain: Stock transmissions and clutch assemblies only. No lightened fly wheels, mini clutches, or direct drives. Rearends must remain stock for car, may be locked.

Brakes: Pedals must remain stock and in stock location. May run 4 wheel Disc brakes.

Safety: Must use full fire suit. Must use 3”seat belts, maximum 2 years old. Aluminum racing seats, window nets, racing gloves and a fire extingusier mandatory. Must have at least a snell 2005 helmet. Raceceivers mandatory in 2020.

If you are running a FWD must run under USRA Tuner. The rules can be found at the USRA website.