Watson Metal Masters would like to wish Everyone a Safe & Happy Holiday Season

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January 2, 2021

Watson Metal Masters would like to wish Everyone a Safe & Happy Holiday Season .“If you are looking for work and are a stainless steel welder, grinder or fabricator, Watson Metal Masters is currently hiring at least 20 new people. Give them a call or go online to apply.”


Begun initially in 1988 as a custom job shop making small tanks and components, WATSON METAL MASTERS was incorporated in 1995 by Rex Watson, a 40 year veteran in the fabrication and marketing of stainless steel process tanks and vessels. Watson grew the company into a respected national contender in an industry that finds its roots in Springfield, Missouri, the recognized stainless steel tank manufacturing capital of the country. 
Bill Schahuber, another 40 year veteran, purchased the company in 2012 and is elevating the operation to the next level through careful selection of specialized craftsmen and support staff while upgrading equipment and processes. A vital key in this effort is relocation to a new, ultra-modern facility that we recently completed on an 12.4 acre tract in Springfield. WATSON METAL MASTERS, INC. is tightly connected to the ecosystem of talented people and support mechanisms in the community that have developed over the past six decades in the stainless tank industry. 

Dedication to customer service is a cornerstone of success for WATSON METAL MASTERS. That commitment begins with timely and competitive project quotes followed by intelligent, consistent designs via fabrication drawings and focused procedures that result in high quality products that meet or exceed expectations. Customer commitment is focused in three primary areas.

QUALITY - Adherence to the highest quality control both mechanically and aesthetically. 
PRICE - A lean, aggressive attitude combined with state of the art software and efficient procedures ensure competitive pricing.
DELIVERY - In the complex world of project managers coordinating brick and mortor, equipment installation, piping and process start-ups, it's critical that tanks arrive on schedule. Watson Metal Masters, Inc. is a firm dedicated and experienced in consistently making that happen.